Aaron Bieber


Lead Better

If you are a software engineer, engineering manager, or tech company founder, I can help you to reach the next level of achievement through one-on-one coaching sessions.

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My Tech Blog

The Chronicle

I have written about technology, generally, and more recently a lot more about Emacs (no, really) on my “personal” blog, The Chronicle . I also occasionally opine about facets of the tech industry that impact my life, such as when Apple priced me out of their computers and I attempted to use Windows for the first time in over 20 years and was disappointed.


I am a founding member of Wayfund , a Boston-area tech talent syndicate working to amplify the opportunities for entrepreneurs connected to the Wayfair engineering team’s broad network.



I have had the opportunity to invest in and provide technical guidance to startups and scale-up organizations in Boston. If you are in need of a “fractional CTO” or just want to tap into my experience building software and teams, maintaining and scaling systems, and innovating through rapid iteration, please email me.

Work History

Rather than maintain a bespoke resume, I keep my LinkedIn profile updated.